Oscar 1.0.1 release notes

This is Oscar 1.0.1, a bug fix release.

Bug fixes

  • #1553: from oscar.apps.partner.models import * could lead to the wrong models being imported.

  • #1556: Dashboard order table headers shifted

  • #1557: Fixed an issue where Oscar wrongly used Django’s is_safe_url. Hence some redirects might not have worked as expected. This change unfortunately meant updating the notation of oscar.core.utils.safe_referrer() and oscar.core.utils.redirect_to_referrer() to accept the request instead of request.META.

  • #1577: The billing address was not being correctly passed through to the place_order method.

  • #1592: Product.min_child_price_[excl|incl]_tax were broken and failing loudly. They are not recommended any more, but to ensure backwards-compatibility, they have been fixed.