The Communication app is used to manage emails and notifications to users. If OSCAR_SAVE_SENT_EMAILS_TO_DB is True, then all sent emails are saved to the database as instances of oscar.apps.communication.models.Email

The Dispatcher class from oscar.apps.communication.utils is used to send emails and notifications.

Abstract models

class oscar.apps.communication.abstract_models.AbstractCommunicationEventType(*args, **kwargs)[source]

A ‘type’ of communication. Like an order confirmation email.


Return a dict of templates with the context merged in

We look first at the field templates but fail over to a set of file templates that follow a conventional path.


Name is the friendly description of an event for use in the admin

class oscar.apps.communication.abstract_models.AbstractEmail(*args, **kwargs)[source]

This is a record of an email sent to a customer.