Source code for oscar.apps.partner.availability

from django.utils.translation import gettext_lazy as _

[docs]class Base(object): """ Base availability policy. """ #: Availability code. This is used for HTML classes code = "" #: A description of the availability of a product. This is shown on the #: product detail page, e.g., "In stock", "Out of stock" etc message = "" #: When this item should be dispatched dispatch_date = None @property def short_message(self): """ A shorter version of the availability message, suitable for showing on browsing pages. """ return self.message @property def is_available_to_buy(self): """ Test if this product is available to be bought. This is used for validation when a product is added to a user's basket. """ # We test a purchase of a single item return self.is_purchase_permitted(1)[0] # pylint: disable=unused-argument
[docs] def is_purchase_permitted(self, quantity): """ Test whether a proposed purchase is allowed Should return a boolean and a reason """ return False, _("unavailable")
# Common availability policies
[docs]class Unavailable(Base): """ Policy for when a product is unavailable """ code = "unavailable" message = _("Unavailable")
[docs]class Available(Base): """ For when a product is always available, irrespective of stock level. This might be appropriate for digital products where stock doesn't need to be tracked and the product is always available to buy. """ code = "available" message = _("Available")
[docs] def is_purchase_permitted(self, quantity): return True, ""
[docs]class StockRequired(Base): """ Allow a product to be bought while there is stock. This policy is instantiated with a stock number (``num_available``). It ensures that the product is only available to buy while there is stock available. This is suitable for physical products where back orders (e.g. allowing purchases when there isn't stock available) are not permitted. """ CODE_IN_STOCK = "instock" CODE_OUT_OF_STOCK = "outofstock" def __init__(self, num_available): self.num_available = num_available
[docs] def is_purchase_permitted(self, quantity): if self.num_available <= 0: return False, _("no stock available") if quantity > self.num_available: msg = _("a maximum of %(max)d can be bought") % {"max": self.num_available} return False, msg return True, ""
@property def code(self): """ Code indicating availability status. """ if self.num_available > 0: return self.CODE_IN_STOCK return self.CODE_OUT_OF_STOCK @property def short_message(self): if self.num_available > 0: return _("In stock") return _("Unavailable") @property def message(self) -> str: """ Full availability text, suitable for detail pages. """ if self.num_available > 0: return _("In stock (%d available)") % self.num_available return _("Unavailable")