Source code for oscar.apps.partner.prices

from oscar.core import prices
from django.conf import settings

[docs]class Base(object): """ The interface that any pricing policy must support """ #: Whether any prices exist exists = False #: Whether tax is known is_tax_known = False #: Price excluding tax excl_tax = None #: Price including tax incl_tax = None #: Price to use for offer calculations @property def effective_price(self): if settings.OSCAR_OFFERS_INCL_TAX: return self.incl_tax # Default to using the price excluding tax for calculations return self.excl_tax #: Price tax tax = None # Code used to store the vat rate reference tax_code = None #: Retail price retail = None #: Price currency (3 char code) currency = None def __repr__(self): return "%s(%r)" % (self.__class__.__name__, self.__dict__)
[docs]class Unavailable(Base): """ This should be used as a pricing policy when a product is unavailable and no prices are known. """
[docs]class FixedPrice(Base): """ This should be used for when the price of a product is known in advance. It can work for when tax isn't known (like in the US). Note that this price class uses the tax-exclusive price for offers, even if the tax is known. This may not be what you want. Use the TaxInclusiveFixedPrice class if you want offers to use tax-inclusive prices. """ exists = True def __init__(self, currency, excl_tax, tax=None, tax_code=None): super().__init__() self.currency = currency self.excl_tax = excl_tax = tax self.tax_code = tax_code @property def incl_tax(self): if self.is_tax_known: return self.excl_tax + raise prices.TaxNotKnown("Can't calculate price.incl_tax as tax isn't known") @property def is_tax_known(self) -> bool: """ Test whether the tax is known or not """ return is not None
[docs]class TaxInclusiveFixedPrice(FixedPrice): """ Specialised version of FixedPrice that must have tax passed. It also specifies that offers should use the tax-inclusive price (which is the norm in the UK). """ exists = is_tax_known = True @property def incl_tax(self): return self.excl_tax + @property def effective_price(self): return self.incl_tax