Source code for oscar.apps.basket.views

from django import shortcuts
from django.contrib import messages
from django.core.exceptions import ObjectDoesNotExist
from django.http import JsonResponse, QueryDict
from django.shortcuts import redirect
from django.template.loader import render_to_string
from django.urls import reverse
from django.utils.translation import gettext_lazy as _
from django.views.generic import FormView, View
from extra_views import ModelFormSetView

from oscar.apps.basket.signals import (
    basket_addition, voucher_addition, voucher_removal)
from oscar.core import ajax
from oscar.core.compat import url_has_allowed_host_and_scheme
from oscar.core.loading import get_class, get_classes, get_model
from oscar.core.utils import redirect_to_referrer, safe_referrer

Applicator = get_class('offer.applicator', 'Applicator')
(BasketLineForm, AddToBasketForm, BasketVoucherForm, SavedLineForm) = get_classes(
    'basket.forms', ('BasketLineForm', 'AddToBasketForm',
                     'BasketVoucherForm', 'SavedLineForm'))
BasketLineFormSet, SavedLineFormSet = get_classes(
    'basket.formsets', ('BasketLineFormSet', 'SavedLineFormSet'))
Repository = get_class('shipping.repository', 'Repository')

OrderTotalCalculator = get_class(
    'checkout.calculators', 'OrderTotalCalculator')
BasketMessageGenerator = get_class('basket.utils', 'BasketMessageGenerator')
SurchargeApplicator = get_class("checkout.applicator", "SurchargeApplicator")

[docs]class BasketView(ModelFormSetView): model = get_model('basket', 'Line') basket_model = get_model('basket', 'Basket') formset_class = BasketLineFormSet form_class = BasketLineForm factory_kwargs = { 'extra': 0, 'can_delete': True } template_name = 'oscar/basket/basket.html'
[docs] def get_formset_kwargs(self): kwargs = super().get_formset_kwargs() kwargs['strategy'] = self.request.strategy return kwargs
[docs] def get_queryset(self): """ Return list of :py:class:`Line <oscar.apps.basket.abstract_models.AbstractLine>` instances associated with the current basket. """ # noqa: E501 return self.request.basket.all_lines()
def get_shipping_methods(self, basket): return Repository().get_shipping_methods( basket=self.request.basket, user=self.request.user, request=self.request) def get_default_shipping_address(self): if self.request.user.is_authenticated: return self.request.user.addresses.filter(is_default_for_shipping=True).first() def get_default_shipping_method(self, basket): return Repository().get_default_shipping_method( basket=self.request.basket, user=self.request.user, request=self.request, shipping_addr=self.get_default_shipping_address())
[docs] def get_basket_warnings(self, basket): """ Return a list of warnings that apply to this basket """ warnings = [] for line in basket.all_lines(): warning = line.get_warning() if warning: warnings.append(warning) return warnings
def get_upsell_messages(self, basket): offers = Applicator().get_offers(basket, self.request.user, self.request) applied_offers = list(basket.offer_applications.offers.values()) msgs = [] for offer in offers: if offer.is_condition_partially_satisfied(basket) \ and offer not in applied_offers: data = { 'message': offer.get_upsell_message(basket), 'offer': offer} msgs.append(data) return msgs
[docs] def get_basket_voucher_form(self): """ This is a separate method so that it's easy to e.g. not return a form if there are no vouchers available. """ return BasketVoucherForm()
[docs] def get_context_data(self, **kwargs): context = super().get_context_data(**kwargs) context['voucher_form'] = self.get_basket_voucher_form() # Shipping information is included to give an idea of the total order # cost. It is also important for PayPal Express where the customer # gets redirected away from the basket page and needs to see what the # estimated order total is beforehand. context['shipping_methods'] = self.get_shipping_methods( self.request.basket) method = self.get_default_shipping_method(self.request.basket) context['shipping_method'] = method shipping_charge = method.calculate(self.request.basket) context['shipping_charge'] = shipping_charge if method.is_discounted: excl_discount = method.calculate_excl_discount(self.request.basket) context['shipping_charge_excl_discount'] = excl_discount context['basket_warnings'] = self.get_basket_warnings( self.request.basket) context['upsell_messages'] = self.get_upsell_messages( self.request.basket) if self.request.user.is_authenticated: try: saved_basket = self.basket_model.saved.get( owner=self.request.user) except self.basket_model.DoesNotExist: pass else: saved_basket.strategy = self.request.basket.strategy if not saved_basket.is_empty: saved_queryset = saved_basket.all_lines() formset = SavedLineFormSet(strategy=self.request.strategy, basket=self.request.basket, queryset=saved_queryset, prefix='saved') context['saved_formset'] = formset surcharges = SurchargeApplicator(self.request, context).get_applicable_surcharges( self.request.basket, shipping_charge=shipping_charge ) context['surcharges'] = surcharges context['order_total'] = OrderTotalCalculator().calculate( self.request.basket, shipping_charge, surcharges=surcharges) return context
[docs] def get_success_url(self): return safe_referrer(self.request, 'basket:summary')
[docs] def formset_valid(self, formset): # Store offers before any changes are made so we can inform the user of # any changes offers_before = self.request.basket.applied_offers() save_for_later = False # Keep a list of messages - we don't immediately call # django.contrib.messages as we may be returning an AJAX response in # which case we pass the messages back in a JSON payload. flash_messages = ajax.FlashMessages() for form in formset: if (hasattr(form, 'cleaned_data') and form.cleaned_data.get('save_for_later', False)): line = form.instance if self.request.user.is_authenticated: self.move_line_to_saved_basket(line) msg = render_to_string( 'oscar/basket/messages/line_saved.html', {'line': line}) save_for_later = True else: msg = _("You can't save an item for later if you're " "not logged in!") flash_messages.error(msg) return redirect(self.get_success_url()) if save_for_later: # No need to call super if we're moving lines to the saved basket response = redirect(self.get_success_url()) else: # Save changes to basket as per normal response = super().formset_valid(formset) # If AJAX submission, don't redirect but reload the basket content HTML if self.request.headers.get('x-requested-with') == 'XMLHttpRequest': # Reload basket and apply offers again self.request.basket = get_model('basket', 'Basket').objects.get( self.request.basket.strategy = self.request.strategy Applicator().apply(self.request.basket, self.request.user, self.request) offers_after = self.request.basket.applied_offers() for level, msg in BasketMessageGenerator().get_messages( self.request.basket, offers_before, offers_after, include_buttons=False): flash_messages.add_message(level, msg) # Reload formset - we have to remove the POST fields from the # kwargs as, if they are left in, the formset won't construct # correctly as there will be a state mismatch between the # management form and the database. kwargs = self.get_formset_kwargs() del kwargs['data'] del kwargs['files'] if 'queryset' in kwargs: del kwargs['queryset'] formset = self.get_formset()(queryset=self.get_queryset(), **kwargs) ctx = self.get_context_data(formset=formset, basket=self.request.basket) return self.json_response(ctx, flash_messages) BasketMessageGenerator().apply_messages(self.request, offers_before) return response
def json_response(self, ctx, flash_messages): basket_html = render_to_string( 'oscar/basket/partials/basket_content.html', context=ctx, request=self.request) return JsonResponse({ 'content_html': basket_html, 'messages': flash_messages.as_dict() }) def move_line_to_saved_basket(self, line): saved_basket, _ = get_model('basket', 'basket').saved.get_or_create( owner=self.request.user) saved_basket.merge_line(line)
[docs] def formset_invalid(self, formset): has_deletion = any(formset._should_delete_form(form) for form in formset.forms) has_no_invalid_non_deletion = all(form.is_valid() or formset._should_delete_form(form) for form in formset.forms) if has_deletion: self.remove_deleted_forms(formset) if has_no_invalid_non_deletion: return self.formset_valid(formset) flash_messages = ajax.FlashMessages() flash_messages.warning(_( "Your basket has got some issues. " "Please correct any validation errors below.")) if self.request.headers.get('x-requested-with') == 'XMLHttpRequest': ctx = self.get_context_data(formset=formset, basket=self.request.basket) return self.json_response(ctx, flash_messages) flash_messages.apply_to_request(self.request) return super().formset_invalid(formset)
[docs] def remove_deleted_forms(self, formset): """ Removes forms marked for deletion, from the formset, as well as deletes their model instance objects; and modifies the formset's request data, to match the state of the data in the database, for the remaining forms. This is useful for redisplaying a formset containing other invalid forms, after deleting one of the forms from it. """ form_data = {} form_index = 0 for form in formset.forms: # Delete forms marked for deletion, and retain the request data # for the other forms if formset._should_delete_form(form): if is not None: form.instance.delete() else: old_form_prefix = form.prefix new_form_prefix = formset.add_prefix(form_index) for field_name in form.fields: form.prefix = old_form_prefix old_prefixed_field_name = form.add_prefix(field_name) form.prefix = new_form_prefix new_prefixed_field_name = form.add_prefix(field_name) try: form_data[new_prefixed_field_name] =[old_prefixed_field_name] except KeyError: pass form_index += 1 for field_name in formset.management_form.fields: prefixed_field_name = formset.management_form.add_prefix(field_name) if field_name in ['INITIAL_FORMS', 'TOTAL_FORMS']: form_data[prefixed_field_name] = str(form_index) else: form_data[prefixed_field_name] =[prefixed_field_name] query_dict = QueryDict(mutable=True) query_dict.update(form_data) = query_dict # Clear cached values, so that they are recomputed using the modified # request data del formset.management_form del formset.forms # Clean the formset's modified request data formset.full_clean()
[docs]class BasketAddView(FormView): """ Handles the add-to-basket submissions, which are triggered from various parts of the site. The add-to-basket form is loaded into templates using a templatetag from :py:mod:`oscar.templatetags.basket_tags`. """ form_class = AddToBasketForm product_model = get_model('catalogue', 'product') add_signal = basket_addition http_method_names = ['post']
[docs] def post(self, request, *args, **kwargs): self.product = shortcuts.get_object_or_404( self.product_model, pk=kwargs['pk']) return super().post(request, *args, **kwargs)
[docs] def get_form_kwargs(self): kwargs = super().get_form_kwargs() kwargs['basket'] = self.request.basket kwargs['product'] = self.product return kwargs
[docs] def form_invalid(self, form): msgs = [] for error in form.errors.values(): msgs.append(error.as_text()) clean_msgs = [m.replace('* ', '') for m in msgs if m.startswith('* ')] messages.error(self.request, ",".join(clean_msgs)) return redirect_to_referrer(self.request, 'basket:summary')
[docs] def form_valid(self, form): offers_before = self.request.basket.applied_offers() self.request.basket.add_product( form.product, form.cleaned_data['quantity'], form.cleaned_options()) messages.success(self.request, self.get_success_message(form), extra_tags='safe noicon') # Check for additional offer messages BasketMessageGenerator().apply_messages(self.request, offers_before) # Send signal for basket addition self.add_signal.send( sender=self, product=form.product, user=self.request.user, request=self.request) return super().form_valid(form)
def get_success_message(self, form): return render_to_string( 'oscar/basket/messages/addition.html', {'product': form.product, 'quantity': form.cleaned_data['quantity']})
[docs] def get_success_url(self): post_url = self.request.POST.get('next') if post_url and url_has_allowed_host_and_scheme(post_url, self.request.get_host()): return post_url return safe_referrer(self.request, 'basket:summary')
[docs]class VoucherAddView(FormView): form_class = BasketVoucherForm voucher_model = get_model('voucher', 'voucher') add_signal = voucher_addition
[docs] def get(self, request, *args, **kwargs): return redirect('basket:summary')
def apply_voucher_to_basket(self, voucher): if voucher.is_expired(): messages.error( self.request, _("The '%(code)s' voucher has expired") % { 'code': voucher.code}) return if not voucher.is_active(): messages.error( self.request, _("The '%(code)s' voucher is not active") % { 'code': voucher.code}) return is_available, message = voucher.is_available_to_user(self.request.user) if not is_available: messages.error(self.request, message) return self.request.basket.vouchers.add(voucher) # Raise signal self.add_signal.send( sender=self, basket=self.request.basket, voucher=voucher) # Recalculate discounts to see if the voucher gives any Applicator().apply(self.request.basket, self.request.user, self.request) discounts_after = self.request.basket.offer_applications # Look for discounts from this new voucher found_discount = False for discount in discounts_after: if discount['voucher'] and discount['voucher'] == voucher: found_discount = True break if not found_discount: messages.warning( self.request, _("Your basket does not qualify for a voucher discount")) self.request.basket.vouchers.remove(voucher) else: self.request, _("Voucher '%(code)s' added to basket") % { 'code': voucher.code})
[docs] def form_valid(self, form): code = form.cleaned_data['code'] if not return redirect_to_referrer(self.request, 'basket:summary') if self.request.basket.contains_voucher(code): messages.error( self.request, _("You have already added the '%(code)s' voucher to " "your basket") % {'code': code}) else: try: voucher = self.voucher_model._default_manager.get(code=code) except self.voucher_model.DoesNotExist: messages.error( self.request, _("No voucher found with code '%(code)s'") % { 'code': code}) else: self.apply_voucher_to_basket(voucher) return redirect_to_referrer(self.request, 'basket:summary')
[docs] def form_invalid(self, form): messages.error(self.request, _("Please enter a voucher code")) return redirect(reverse('basket:summary') + '#voucher')
[docs]class VoucherRemoveView(View): voucher_model = get_model('voucher', 'voucher') remove_signal = voucher_removal http_method_names = ['post'] def post(self, request, *args, **kwargs): response = redirect('basket:summary') voucher_id = kwargs['pk'] if not # Hacking attempt - the basket must be saved for it to have # a voucher in it. return response try: voucher = request.basket.vouchers.get(id=voucher_id) except ObjectDoesNotExist: messages.error( request, _("No voucher found with id '%s'") % voucher_id) else: request.basket.vouchers.remove(voucher) self.remove_signal.send( sender=self, basket=request.basket, voucher=voucher) request, _("Voucher '%s' removed from basket") % voucher.code) return response
[docs]class SavedView(ModelFormSetView): model = get_model('basket', 'line') basket_model = get_model('basket', 'basket') formset_class = SavedLineFormSet form_class = SavedLineForm factory_kwargs = { 'extra': 0, 'can_delete': True }
[docs] def get(self, request, *args, **kwargs): return redirect('basket:summary')
[docs] def get_queryset(self): """ Return list of :py:class:`Line <oscar.apps.basket.abstract_models.AbstractLine>` instances associated with the saved basked associated with the currently authenticated user. """ # noqa: E501 try: saved_basket = self.basket_model.saved.get(owner=self.request.user) saved_basket.strategy = self.request.strategy return saved_basket.all_lines() except self.basket_model.DoesNotExist: return []
[docs] def get_success_url(self): return safe_referrer(self.request, 'basket:summary')
[docs] def get_formset_kwargs(self): kwargs = super().get_formset_kwargs() kwargs['prefix'] = 'saved' kwargs['basket'] = self.request.basket kwargs['strategy'] = self.request.strategy return kwargs
[docs] def formset_valid(self, formset): offers_before = self.request.basket.applied_offers() is_move = False for form in formset: if form.cleaned_data.get('move_to_basket', False): is_move = True msg = render_to_string( 'oscar/basket/messages/line_restored.html', {'line': form.instance}), msg, extra_tags='safe noicon') real_basket = self.request.basket real_basket.merge_line(form.instance) if is_move: # As we're changing the basket, we need to check if it qualifies # for any new offers. BasketMessageGenerator().apply_messages(self.request, offers_before) response = redirect(self.get_success_url()) else: response = super().formset_valid(formset) return response
[docs] def formset_invalid(self, formset): messages.error( self.request, '\n'.join( error for ed in formset.errors for el in ed.values() for error in el)) return redirect_to_referrer(self.request, 'basket:summary')