Oscar 0.5.1 release notes

This is a bugfix release for Oscar 0.5, backporting a few issues discovered during development of Oscar’s demo site and fixing a couple of other bugs.

This release contains fixes for the following issues:

  • The is_available_to_buy method was failing for variant products where the product class is defined on the parent product. Fixed in 7fd62f2af0 and … 80384a4007.

  • The stockrecord partial catalogue/partials/stock_record.html incorrectly handled group products. Fixed in 5594bcccd6.

  • The checkout thank-you template checkout/thank_you.html incorrectly looked up the line product URL. Fixed in cc5f63d827.

  • The basket URL used for AJAX requests is no longer hard-coded. Fixed in … fd256b63b1.

  • The dashboard voucher form now correctly validates when no start- or end-dates are entered. Fixed in 02b3644e3c

  • The AbstractStockRecord model was not declared abstract. A migration has been added that cleans up the unnecessary database table. Fixed in … 610de82eb2