Oscar 1.4 release notes



Welcome to Oscar 1.4, a relative minor release which finally brings compatibility with Django 1.10.

Table of contents:


Oscar 1.4 is compatible with Django 1.8, 1.9 and 1.10 as well as Python 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6.

What’s new in Oscar 1.4?

  • Django 1.10 compatibility (#2055)

  • If a product variant has no primary image then the primary image of the parent is now served. (#1998)

Minor changes

  • The tracking pixel in the dashboard is removed since the domain didn’t exist anymore (#2144).

  • Fix sending direct messages to users (#2138)

  • Remove unique constraint for proxy class field of offer condition model. (#2166)

  • Change the default argument of ProductReview.status to a callable

  • Use get_class for imports to partner.prices and partner.availability (#2035)

  • Fix an IntegrityError when a product is moved between wishlists (#2133)

  • Fix issue when update product attributes in the dashboard when the product has a related entity (#2015)

  • Fix the offers report in the dashboard on Python 3 (#2223)

  • It is no longer needed to pass Application.urls to the include() function when creating the urlpatterns. You can pass it directly to the url() function instead. (#2222)

  • Oscar now set’s the on_delete kwarg on all ForeignKey’s since leaving it out is deprecated in Django 1.10+

  • oscar.core.compat.user_is_authenticated() is now used instead of user.is_authenticated(), since this resulted in Deprecation warnings for Django 1.10+. (#2222)

Dependency changes

The following packages are updated:
  • treebeard >= 4.1.0 (Django 1.10 support)

  • Pillow >= 3.4.2 (Security issue)

  • phonenumbers>=6.3.0,<9.0.0 (Allow version 8.x)

  • django-tables2 >= 1.2.0,<2.0.0