Oscar 0.2.2 release notes


13 July 2012

Fixes a bug with applying absolute-discount benefits

Oscar 0.2.1 release notes


09 July 2012

Mainly small bug-fixes to templates and Javascript.

Oscar 0.2.0 release notes


01 June 2012

Many components have been rewritten since 0.1 - Oscar is much more of a complete package now. New features include:

  • Dashboard for managing catalogue, offers, stock, vouchers and more. This includes statistics pages to track performance.

  • Sample templates, CSS and JS to get a shop up and running in a minutes.

  • Updated documentation.

  • Reworking of shipping methods.

  • Automatic up-selling on the basket page. We now inform the user if they partially qualify for an offer.

The documentation still needs more work which we’ll do over the next week or two.