Oscar 3.2 release notes




Oscar 3.2 is compatible with Django 3.1 and Django 3.2 and Python versions 3.7 to 3.9.

Support for Django 2.2 has been dropped. Support for Python 3.6 has been dropped.

What’s new in Oscar 3.2?

  • oscar.order.mixins.EventHandlerMixin was created for easily using the EventHandler without manually create the handler every time.

  • Added more product option types:
    • Select

    • Radio

    • Multi select

    • Checkbox

  • Wishlists are now shareable, inside your account you can make your wishlist private(default), public or shared. Public wishlists are available for everyone, shared wishlists only for the emails the user allowed access to.

Backwards incompatible changes

  • The interface for the OPTION_FIELD_FACTORIES has changed and now receives the form, the product and the option. Update your overrides as required.

  • The value field on the BasketLineAttribute and OrderLineAttribute models is a JSONField now. If you have overridden the description property on the BasketLine and OrderLine models, you’ll need to change this to make sure options/multi options are displayed normally in the basket and order.

  • The wishlist create and update view now inherits from a new mixin that shares functionality. If you’ve overrides on those views, you should check to see if everything works as intended.

Removal of deprecated features

  • url_has_allowed_host_and_scheme is no longer present in oscar.core.compat and should be directly imported as django.utils.http.url_has_allowed_host_and_scheme

Minor changes

  • Added a new helper core.utils.is_ajax which replicates the logic of Django’s HttpRequest.is_ajax method that was deprecated in Django 3.1.

  • Persisted OrderFactory.date_placed to the database when set, instead of just setting it on the object without saving it.

  • Fixed getting non public categories with get_categories by only returning browsable categories.

  • Reviews can now only be viewed and placed when the product is public.

  • The title has been removed by default from all address forms in Oscar. The database field is still present, and projects that wish to retain this field in their forms should add it back by overriding the fields property of the Meta class for applicable forms.

  • Changed PartnerProductFilterMixin queryset to also include child products for the partner user.

  • Changed RangeDetailView to respect the OSCAR_PRODUCTS_PER_PAGE setting for pagination.

  • Fixed the output of the OfferReportGenerator and generated it’s data more efficiently.

  • Avoid KeyError in BulkEditMixin if objects matching filters no longer exist.

  • Changed the order of check_skip_conditions and check_pre_conditions.

  • Made it easier to pass custom arguments to order processing EventHandler.

  • Fixed the handling of InvalidPage exceptions in CatalogueView.

  • Added search_fields to AbstractAddress model.

  • Added a uniqueness constraint across code and product_class for the ProductAttribute model to prevent duplicate attribute codes. This comes with a migration that will remove duplicate codes before applying the unique constraint migration.

  • Implemented a more efficient approach for range queries. This will make (for example) multiple offers in your site a lot faster.

  • Made the attribute codes unique per product class

  • Changed the review form to as_stars filter instead of if statements

  • Prevent unnecessary database query in UseFirstStockRecord strategy

  • Fix the issue where html5 validation errors were not shown in the dashboard.

  • Changed the stock to be consumed and allocated in an atomic state.

  • Fixed not requiring a range when choosing a custom condition

  • Changed the basket to be readonly in the django-admin

  • The request is now passed to all the communication event type messages, so emails can be sent from the correct site in case of a multisite project.

  • Added basket post data back to the form when invalid

Dependency changes

Python package dependencies:

  • Upgraded django-treebeard to version >=4.3.0

  • Upgraded django-phonenumber-field to version >=4.0.0,<7.0.0

  • Upgraded django-extra-views to version >=0.13,<0.15

Javascript and CSS dependencies:

  • Upgraded @fortawesome/fontawesome-free to version 6.1.1.

  • Upgraded bootstrap to version 4.6.1.

  • Upgraded inputmask to version 5.0.7.

  • Upgraded tinymce to version 6.0.3.

  • Upgraded eslint to version 8.16.0.

  • Upgraded nan to version 2.16.0.

  • Upgraded sass to version 1.52.1.

  • Upgraded tempusdominus-bootstrap-4 to version 5.39.2.

Deprecated features

  • The annotate_form_field template tag is deprecated. It’s functionality of annotating form fields with their widget type is now built in to Django.

  • In the ORDER_PLACED email templates, the variable status_url should not be used anymore. Please use status_path in conjunction with the absolute_url template tag instead. It will be removed in a future version of Oscar.