Oscar 0.6.2 release notes

This is Oscar 0.6.2. It fixes an unfortunate regression introduced in 0.6.1 as well as a couple of bugs.

Overriding models

Commit fa1f8403 changed the way signal receivers were registered. While this helped work around issues with the latest debug toolbar, it also broke the way custom models were imported. This happened as the relocated receiver imports caused core models to be imported before local ones.

This is fixed in 0.6.2 by reverting the original commit. Users of the debug toolbar are recommended to follow the explicit installation instructions to avoid any circular import issues that fa1f8403 was introduced to solve..

See #1159 for more details.

Bug fixes

The following bugs were fixed:

  • #1157 - Ensure group products have a price submitted to the search backend when indexing.

  • #1127 - Remove a circular dependency bug around importing the StockAlert model when indexing.